“Overall, there is no difference in job performance or productivity between workers with epilepsy and other workers. In fact, studies have shown that the work performance, cooperative behavior, productivity and stability of employees with epilepsy are equal to or greater than that of employees without epilepsy… Some studies have even revealed that employees with epilepsy work more attentively and productively than others, as they often try harder to prove themselves at work.”[1]

I, like many others with epilepsy, have been silently but severely discriminated against. Employers are lacking quality workers to meet the demands of today’s ever-expanding global market; so ironically, they are actually discriminating against themselves by wasting this valuable resource.

Questions and Answers About Epilepsy in the Workplace and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

[1] Epilepsy Toronto, “Epilepsy fact sheet, employment and epilepsy”, 29 July 2006, www.epilepsytoronto.org/employment.html