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Epilepsy Awareness Day Richmond – “We all need to Stay Strong!!”

At the Epilepsy Awareness day March, I got the chance to meet & interact with so many others living with epilepsy and also meet the many of those whose siblings or offspring (both toddlers and adults) who have epilepsy. Witnessing their tears and anguish while also viewing & feeling their distress motivated me to speak out and… Continue Reading

Epilepsy Awareness Day – Saturday November 14, 2015 Richmond , VA

If you’re in the Richmond, VA area, there’s an upcoming Epilepsy Awareness Day Saturday.  Here are the details; What’s coming up next:  Epilepsy Awareness Day (Once a year) When:  Saturday 11/14 1-3pm Where: Bon Secours Redskins Training Center 2401 W. Leigh Street • Richmond, VA 23220 What is going on: •   Free Refreshments • Activities for Kids • Epilepsy Awareness Handouts… Continue Reading