Book: Under Siege

Epilepsy in the Open

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Boldly travel with Tom through his schooling, marriage, and fatherhood as he physically, and spiritually overcomes epilepsy while suffering its myths and prejudices. All readers will be inspired. 

This is a rare insider’s story of what it’s like trying to live a normal life with an extremely misunderstood medical condition. This disorder of the brain’s electrical system has frightened or mystified people since the beginning of time. It presently affects the lives of 3 million Americans and 50 million people worldwide (millions and millions in the future) yet is rarely discussed openly and with all of the facts. This poignant tale of a man’s determination to choose his own destiny will inspire millions of readers as they connect to this man’s triumphs.

Tom’s experience with epilepsy proves that it is not to be feared… His story will amaze you.

Janice Brandt, PhD Urban Services, VCU

… it took Tom’s book to really understand epilepsy and what my son experienced.

Mike Losey, SPHR President & CEO (Retired) SHRM