Epilepsy in the Open

Bringing Awareness to the Realities of Epilepsy

Epilepsy in the Open reflects the vision of Thomas McGranahan, Jr. whose personal journey with epilepsy, including struggles with social limitations, employment discrimination and brain surgeries, has been documented in his book UNDER SIEGE – Epilepsy in the Open.

His experience led him to a passion for creating awareness of the daily physical and medical challenges faced by persons with epilepsy as well as societal limitations often brought about by irrational fears.

In Tom’s own words:

“I’m not as fearful of it because I’ve lived with it since childhood and am quite familiar with its personal impact and had decided not to let it keep me from seeing life.

I want to aid in dispelling myths and provide information that can educate my site’s visitors to the need for advocacy for millions of people worldwide with Epilepsy.”

This site features the opportunity to:

find out more about or purchase Tom’s book, UNDER SIEGE – Epilepsy in the Open
sample short insights from the book
find resources
read more background about Tom
Hopefully this website will help you with new insight into the experience of having, and living with Epilepsy.